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  • Deal Of The Day - Flower Bunch

    Deal Of The Day - Flower Bunch

    From $49

  • Rose and Lily Posy

    Rose and Lily Posy

    From $50

  • 3 Red Roses In a Vase

    3 Red Roses In a Vase

    From $56

  • Lily and Rose Bunch

    Lily and Rose Bunch

    From $64

  • Florist's Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Florist's Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates

    From $65

    An irresistible deal. Handpicked blossoms. Creatively arranged by a Bathurst florist.

  • Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    From $76

    Let the bright vitality of these flowers help you get your crush to notice you.

  • Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $80

    A mood-lifting gift of long-lasting natives, fresh wildflowers, and chocolates!

  • Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $80

    Enchanting pink blossoms & sweets enough to completely change her mood.

  • Bright Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Bright Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $85

  • Roses And Gerberas With Free Vase

    Roses And Gerberas With Free Vase

    From $90

  • Natives With Free Vase

    Natives With Free Vase

    From $99

    An absolutely lovely arrangement of crisp Aussie natives and zesty wildflowers.

  • Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    From $99

    Send good wishes and cheer with this bold vase arrangement of sun-fresh blossoms.


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Bathurst Florist Shop delivers to all hospitals in Bathurst including: Bathurst Private Hospital - located on Gormans Hill Road Bathurst Base Hospital - located on Horwick Street West Bathurst Should you require funeral flowers, Bathurst Florist Shop gladly delivers to all Funeral Homes and Cemeteries in the area including: Elhatton's Funeral Home - located on George Street Bathurst Godfrey Smith Funerals - located on Piper Street Bathurst Holy Trinity Church Cemetery In Kelso we will also gladly deliver to the Church Service includes such churches as: Bathurst Presbyterian Church - George Street Bathurst Bathurst Catholic Church - George Street Bathurst we are your local flower experts.

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Learn more about Bathurst. Bathurst in NSW, Australia Welcome to Bathurst, New South Wales, where you witness vivid colours and changes of the four seasons!

As one of Australia’s oldest inland settlements, the city of Bathurst is an entrance to other former gold-rush towns, adopting features of colonial buildings and grand old homes that were constructed for wealthy graziers. Bathurst is situated approximately 200 kilometres west of Sydney, and is the key seat of the Bathurst Regional Council. Its population is estimated at about 33,500 residents commonly known as “Bathurstians”.

Because it was the site of the first gold-rush discovery in Australia, Bathurst is frequently referred to as ‘Gold Country’.

The city of Bathurst is located in the Macquarie River plain, west of the Great Dividing Range and sits on the banks of the Macquarie River in the Central Tablelands Region of New South Wales. Because Bathurst was the original site of government settlement, its historical buildings show the indelible signs of character and history.

One example is the original residence of Australian Prime Minister Ben Chifley; the ‘Chifley Home’ is now a museum and education centre. Bathurst and the Central Tablelands is home to the Wiradjuri Aboriginal people and the vibrant city, rich in cultural heritage, is recognised as a centre of learning.

Quite apart from its educational industries, Bathurst combines rural and manufacturing industries, and delivers a gateway into a lifestyle rich in tourism, art and sporting facilities.

Today, however, tourism, education, manufacturing and the legend of Peter Brock, are the main drivers of the economy. And with the name of ‘Peter Brock’ comes the famous race track on Mount Panorama, creating its own landmark for the city. The obvious attraction in Bathurst in recent years would have to be the annual Bathurst 1000 motor race. After visiting the National Motor Racing Museum, a keen individual to the site could take a drive on Mount Panorama Racing Circuit, whenever an official race is not scheduled, and drive at the established 60 km/h limit. Mount Panorama … just look at the reviews … “Petrol Head Dream” and “One of the best racing circuits in the world”! Another ‘must-see’ attraction is the exquisite property of “Miss Traill’s House and Garden” which is now managed by the National Trust and is located at the corner of Peel and Russell streets. Being a colonial Georgian home, it contains a collection of the Lee family who were amongst the first European settlers to the Bathurst’s district.

Now, can you just picture a scene from the past when you witness a horse paddock and 19th century cottage gardens, which were accrued over 150 years by Miss Traill and family? These self-same gardens are a delight throughout the year, but when the spring season comes around, they are at their majestic best with a mass of colours. Do you want a sight for sore eyes? One of the most spectacular fossil and mineral collections in the world is the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum. This major attraction is located in the heart of Bathurst in the refurbished Public School building of 1876. Permanently on show is the Somerville Collection, where one can view some of the rarest and finest examples of fossils and minerals. the pride and joy of the exhibition and the collection is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is 10 metres long, and is the only one in the country. Also, there are numerous dinosaur eggs, a 40 million-year old lizard trapped in amber and rare minerals. Part of all this collection has been given to the people of NSW by Professor Warren Somerville, A.M., collector and donor to the Somerville Collection.

The Fossil Gallery and the Minerals Gallery holds close to 2,000 fossil and mineral specimens which are displayed in two main exhibitions. Moving further a field on the eastern side of Bathurst from the Great Western Highway, why not follow the road signs and arrive at the amazing Bathurst Observatory. This astounding Bathurst Observatory is one where the public can enter and discover a diversity of objects through the central optical telescope.

All tours are conducted by an experienced guide who will have you amazed at the many wonders in the night sky of the southern hemisphere, and...

• The planets of our solar system

• Perhaps distant galaxies that are millions of light years away

• Immense clouds of gas, called nebula, all in our own galaxy

The content of the tour differs through the year, but there is always something boundless to see. The ever-popular visitor’s centre has a display of meteorites, fossils, rocks, minerals, with posters and postcards as a showcase of souvenirs for sale. Do you realise one of only three original Australian restored Cobb & Co coaches sits proudly in the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre? What gives its authenticity is the characteristic red and gold paint-work or livery indicating this was a distinctive New South Wales coach. You can even take the self-drive historic excursion, reminiscing 150 years of Cobb & Co in Australia. Taking approximately 2 hours, you will appreciate many sites connected to the Cobb & Co Coaching company. Ranked number four of the main attractions in Bathurst is the historic gem of Abercrombie House, classed as a heritage treasure of the Bathurst District. Constructed in the 1870s by the Stewart family, it is today the home of the Morgan household, who have expended a number of years refurbishing the magnificent house, grounds and its outbuildings. The Bathurst Courthouse was designed by James Barnet, and finished in 1880. The structure is situated in the heart of the city and is considered a Neo-Classical style with an octagonal Renaissance dome. It is regarded as 'one of Australia's finest examples of Victorian Public architecture' by the National Trust and Bathurst’s most illustrious public structure. The east section is occupied by the Historical Society Museum with its collection of Aboriginal artefacts, while in the west wing is the Central Western Music Centre.
Lily's Florist Bathurst delivers to all over Bathurst, and to other locations. We deliver flowers Monday to Saturday and offer our valued customers a same day flower delivery service.

Bathurst Florist delivers to the following suburbs, towns, and places, Bathurst, Kelso, White Rock, Bathurst Airport, South Bathurst, Evans Plains, Wyndradyne, West Bathurst, Eglington, Mitchell, Robin Hill, Raglan, Orange, Calare, Glenroi, Werrendine, Blayney, and LIthgow (on certain days).

Below is a list of other places Lily's Florist Bathurst delivers to on a daily basis.


C3 Church Bathurst
Rear of 217 Howick St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 0831

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
Suttor St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 7491

Anglican Church Diocese of Bathurst
3 Church St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 1722

Christian Outreach Centre
35 A Rocket, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6363 1029

Anglican Church Of Australia
Gilmour St, Kelso NSW 2795
(02) 6332 4606

Catholic Church
Brilliant St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 4177

Central West Care
199 Russell St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6332 2684

Presbyterian Church
Churches, Mosques & Temples
(02) 6334 3482

Anglican Church Of Australia
South, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 3685

Assemblies Of God
12 Littlebourne St, Kelso NSW 2795
(02) 6332 5910

All Saints Cathedral, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 4711

Uniting Church
8 Hughes St, Kelso NSW 2795
(02) 6331 1306

Christian Life Centre
200 Gilmour St, Kelso NSW 2795
(02) 6332 5910

Salvation Army
229 Stewart St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 4956

Catholic Church Chancery Office
84 George St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 3611

Catholic Church
100 George St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 3066

Seventh Day Adventist Church
Churches, Mosques & Temples - Bathurst, NSW
155 Lambert St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6332 9239

Catholic Church
William St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 9078

Catholic Church
Churches, Mosques & Temples - Kelso, NSW
Gilmour St, Kelso NSW 2795
(02) 6338 3000

Catholic Church
6 Hill St, Perthville NSW 2795
(02) 6361 9628

Catholic Church
George St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 1845

Churches of Christ
Wark Pde, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6332 4419

Catholic Church
118 Keppel St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6334 6464

Catholic Church
Gilmour St, Kelso NSW 2795
(02) 6338 3022

Catholic Church
70 Tandora St, Kelso NSW 2795
(02) 6331 9778

Catholic Church
Gormans Hill Rd, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6338 2200

Masonic Temples
9 Ilumba Way, Kelso NSW 2795
(02) 6331 4151

Catholic Resource Centre
Gilmour St, Kelso NSW 2795
(02) 6338 3022

Catholic Education Office
Gilmour St, Kelso NSW 2795
(02) 6332 3077

Catholic Development Fund
Bathurst NSW 2795
1800 451 760

Institute Of Religious Women
Busby St, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 6575

Hospitals & Medical Centres

Bathurst Base Hospital
Howick St, West Bathurst NSW, (02) 6330 5311

Busby Medical Practice
123 Howick St, Bathurst NSW, (02) 6332 4266

St Vincent's Private Hospital
Gormans Hill Rd, Gormans Hill NSW, (02) 6331 2555

Hospital Shop Bathurst
356 Howick St, Bathurst NSW, (02) 6331 5464

Russell Street Medical Centre
116 Russell St, Bathurst NSW, (02) 6331 2266