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A rose is a rose, is a rose? Certainly not!

Even though roses are the traditional gift on Valentine’s Day, they are certain to be popular any time of the year - Lily's Florist Bathurst has the largest range of roses in Bathurst. However, before buying roses, you need to know some significance in the meaning of your message; because the colour of a rose can give very different implications. 

As everyone knows, a basket of red roses is the perfect gift of romance. The elegance and beauty of the rose ensures it delights everyone, and whether you are sending a basket or a single rose, there is an essential message to the symbol. But red is not the only colour out there.

If you wish to guarantee that your recipient understands the message of the particular roses you are sending, below is a guide to rose colours and their meanings:
  • Red roses – declare “I love you”. They are the definitive sign of enduring passion and lasting love. Florists cannot keep up with the demand of red roses on Valentine’s Day. In turn, this makes for a supply and demand situation leading to eventual higher prices. So, if you want to convey the message of love, no other colour will suffice. 
  • Yellow roses – indicate freedom and friendship, therefore, if your intentions are long-lasting and romantic, Yellow Roses are the wrong choice. Yellow Roses are appropriate for congratulating someone like newly-weds or new mothers. 
  • Deep pink roses – say “Thank You”. This colour rose has also become significant with the fight against breast cancer.
  • White roses – symbolise innocence and truth. They can also denote a message of “I miss you” or “You are Heavenly!” 
  • Pale pink roses – mean gratitude, gentleness and grace. While they may look childish and slight, they are as robust as any other rose. 
  • Lilac roses – indicate the sender has fallen in love at first sight with the recipient and is captivated.
  • Orange roses – communicate desire and enthusiasm on the part of the sender.
  • Two roses entwined – signifies an engagement or marriage is imminent.

Whatever colour you choose, roses are the best way to express your feelings on Valentine's Day. Florists take great pride in searching the countryside for the roses that stand up to the level of excellence we expect. They ensure that your rose bouquet will delight your special Valentine with its vibrant colours, lasting brilliance and unmatched elegance. 

But which rose to choose?

Red roses obviously are always the number one choice for Valentine’s Day. You have read about their colours, but what about their names? Old-fashioned favourites like Mr Lincoln, Papa Meilland, Kentucky Derby and Avon have beautiful, sweet-scented, red flowers, while Sir Donald Bradman is a relatively new red rose that is sure to appeal to any cricket lover.

Other roses can be chosen because they have Valentine-friendly names. For example, some good suggestions are: Angel Face, My Hero, Best Friend, Sentimental or Seduction.

Definite rose variations may be in short supply at different times of the year, but you can rest assured, they are always in demand.
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